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5868477998_2979be7f52iTwixie is the safest, most empowering place for tween girls to express their real selves, share their dreams, and start changing the world — together.

That’s because when a girl joins iTwixie, she instantly becomes part of a powerful community of girls from all over the planet, dedicated to bringing out the best in each other.

From creating her own blog, to voting for favorite books and movies to playing imaginative role play games, there’s always something fun, challenging and empowering for her to do or try out.

Girls can even chat with girls from all around the world via iTwixie’s Twixing, a live chat moderated by our very own, iTwixieAdmin. Girls can even win awards and prizes.

For Girls

IMG_0141What makes iTwixie so much fun? There’s no drama here. No gossip. No swearing. No inappropriate content.

Do you dance? Love Science? Play sports? Collect dolls? Do you love it all? Awesome! Around here, we celebrate all of the different and unique things we love to do. iTwixie brings the coolest girls together from all around the world who want to work together to help all girls grow bolder, stronger and have a lot of fun.

It’s all part of the iTwixie revolution. And it all begins with you. When you join the iTwixie revolution, you will sign the iTwixie Pledge and see how YOU can bring the revolution to your town, school or group of friends. It’s time to celebrate girlhood and help bring out the best in each other — don’t you agree? It’s so much more fun when everybody treats each other with kindness and respect! We can’t wait for you to join iTwixie! Together, we can change the world.

For Parents

6113096636_5fc7f79576When it comes to the web and social media, it can be tricky to figure out how to best protect our girls. As parents of girls ourselves, we totally relate. We want to keep our daughters safe, but at the same time, we want them to be comfortable expressing themselves wherever they are in the world, and comfortable using technology to express themselves and make their dreams happen. That’s exactly where iTwixie comes in:

At iTwixie.com, 100 percent of all posts, pictures, messages and comments are moderated by iTwixieAdmin. So you can let your daughters hang out with the coolest girls on the planet, knowing that iTwixieAdmin is always there making sure that everyone is having fun, staying safe and is kind and respectful.

But don’t just take our word for it: Hear what the editor at Common Sense Media, the nation’s leading independent nonprofit advocating for kids, had to say about iTwixie in this review.

For Partners

49915119_47670f570eAre you helping girls find their voices and develop their skills? We want to hear from you! The editors at iTwixie know that girl advocates everywhere need to connect and work together so we can help build a world that is safe, fair and respectful for girls growing up anywhere in the world. Here’s a list of our current partners.

Please contact us at info@iTwixie.com to find out how to contribute your content, start using some of iTwixie’s original articles and research on your own website — or if you are dreaming up another way that we can work together!


For Sponsors

4928087969_f702550618Worldwide, there are approximately 1 billion girls under the age of 15 (UN Population Division, 2011). And in the US, 21 million tweens influence how their families spend money, more than ever before. From vacations to retail purchases to the day-to-day packaged goods choices, tweens have never played a greater role in their family’s spending. In fact, according to a recent study, tweens in America are responsible for $43 billion in annual spending.

The trouble is, too often companies rely on stereotypes to guide  decision-making. Organizations  rely on their own experiences or interactions with girls to  guide decision-making.  It’s not good enough. At iTwixie, we bring together girls from all 50 states and over 36 countries around the world. We amplify their authentic voices to better inform product development, messaging creation and service offerings for girls. Do you have a product or service that’s helping girls realize their true power and potential? Contact info@iTwixie.com to get more information about fun, exciting ways we can work together.